Agro Foods


BVM offers the best quality rice with slender grains and a gentle fragrance that can transform even a simple meal into a gourmet celebration.

Our fixation with quality compels us to follow the most rigorous steps to ensure customer delight. Each grade of rice is first checked for its length and tip, and then it is milled to get the desired colour and look. After cleaning, the rice is made to pass through mist polishers which impart an extremely clean and glossy white appearance to the kernels. Finally, when all our stringent quality specifications have been met, the rice is aged under controlled conditions.


BVM offers the following variety of rice:

  • Basmati Rice
  • 1121 Extra Long Grain Rice
  • DB Sella
  • Non-Basmati Rice

We offer customised packaging services tailored to meet each buyer's requirement.